Monday, September 6, 2010

Considering Suicide: The Melancholic Reactionary's Bible

So...should you purchase my novel, CONSIDERING SUICIDE, now available at ?

Well, maybe you should and maybe you shouldn't. I won't lie. It's not for everyone. It's not for most.

Allow me to submit to you, dear potential reader, a battery of rude, impertinent questions, to see if you make the cut...

Do you sometimes feel all alone?

Do you, at the same time, feel moved to scorn by the brazen condescension of most of those (be they paid-by-the-hour counselors or smug-faced would-be busybody "rescuers" of one stripe or another) who want to do you the immense favor of relieving you of your loneliness and despair? Do you dare to wonder if life is really worth living at all? Are you willing to conceive that the final answer might actually be "no" instead of "yes"?

Are you temperamentally allergic to optimism? Indeed, do all of the trends of the modern age leave you utterly convinced that the future is, as George Orwell predicted, a boot kicking a human face, forever?

Do you hate, loathe, and despise what the same Orwell called the "smelly little orthodoxies" of our age? Do you thrill to seeing the empty-headed, self-serving, rapaciously totalitarian would-be rulers in the academic, social, and judicial elite and all of their shit-eating-grinning sycophants and enablers subjected to relentless mockery? Do you leap at every chance to blaspheme against all of our Zeitgeist's stupid sacred cows?

Do you long for a sense of transcendence, a communion with the divine, a feeling of purpose in your life? Are you, at the same time violently contemptuous of every backslapping, salesman-like would-be preacher selling country-fried salvation in a grating tone of rapt sincerity?

Do you enjoy hearing racial, sexist, and gay slurs, for no other reason than to revel in the defiance they represent, the great middle-finger fuck-you they send to all of our central planners and would-be intellectual occupiers?

Do you love hearing "outdated," "outmoded" ideas taken seriously and subjected to rigorous consideration, instead of just being sniffingly dismissed out of hand? Are you a thought-criminal?

Finally, have you considered suicide?

If your answer is an enthusiastic series of lusty "yes"-es to all of the above, then this is not just A book for you... it is THE book for you.


Click the above link to find yourself. Hey, it may not change your mind about offing yourself, but it will at least make you feel a little less alone in this wretched world. Give it a shot, if you feel so inclined.

--Andy Nowicki, the author

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